UK's best Bloody Mary has been found

UK's best Bloody Mary has been found

The ‘Bloody Hell’ from Genuine Liquorette in London has been officially named as the best Bloody Mary in the UK.

A selection of the UK’s finest bartenders and mixologists battled it out yesterday (30 January) at the National Breakfast Awards in the hope of being crowned winner of the first ever Bloody Mary Challenge – a nationwide celebration of one of the most unique (and often outrageous) drinks on the cocktail menu.

Elliot Davies, bar manager of the central London venue, created the winning Bloody Mary to see off competition from a highly talented list of finalists.

“Bloody Marys can be about theatre, but as I’ve shown today, it doesn’t have to be about show and tell,” says Davies. “It’s a fun and tasty drink, with a bit of chat around it. The simpler the drink is, the less things that can go wrong, but you can then also focus on the things that make it great. As long as people coming in for the Bloody Mary are enjoying the service as well, that’s what it’s all about.”

The Bloody Mary Challenge was held in association with TABASCO®, Clamato and Ketel One vodka. Bartenders and mixologists went glass-to-glass to win the title, as well as an incredible trip to Avery Island in Louisiana, USA, the home of TABASCO®.

Bloody Marys are notoriously imaginative, and the signature serves offered up in the live final did not disappoint. From grilled prawns and rock oysters, to wasabi, homemade chilli-infused sherry, hash nuggets and quail eggs – the bartenders’ entries were as outlandish as they were impressive for the judges.

On the day, finalists were asked to prepare both their signature serve for the judges, as well as another Bloody Mary drink in the Technical Round, using Ketel One Vodka, Clamato juice, TABASCO® sauce and four other ingredients of their choice.

“The judges were blown away by the detail and precision that went into both the signature and technical serves,” says Joe Bill, editor of Hotel F&B and head judge on the day. “The cocktails were so diverse – it was a real opportunity to see just how creative you can be with this famous drink. From using oysters, clams and pancetta as a garnish, to salting and spicing the rims of the glass, there were no two entries alike and it really kept judges on their toes. Well done to all those who competed.”